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Construction firm FLC Saudi , based in Saudi Arabia, was founded in 2017. At FLC Saudi, we strive to strengthen the material and ideal foundation of our surroundings in order to leave a lasting legacy, leave our imprint, and advance the construction industry. With more than five years of experience building substantial infrastructure all around Saudi Arabia, we are a seasoned construction business. We are anchored by security and motivated by the future. Our standards are unwavering. At FLC Saudi, we don’t just complete tasks; we complete them correctly.The FLC Saudi has prospered to rank among Saudi Arabia’s leading authorities on roads and infrastructure. We have training, credentials, and expertise. We complete significant projects in excavations, infrastructure, internal roads, highways, freeways, parking lots, and the laying of concrete and asphalt while working with the most valuable clients. A committed team that delivers outstanding technical support and highly skilled labor stands behind our commitment to quality. Dozers, excavators, shovels, backhoe loaders, dump trucks, graders, steel and pneumatic-tired rollers, asphalt pavers, milling machines, and other construction equipment make up a large portion of FLC Saudi fleet. We bring our technological, physical, and practical expertise to the table.

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The success of our business is a result of our unwavering dedication to doing the best work possible and providing the most cutting-edge facilities to our clients. The FLC Saudi is well known for its exceptional aptitude for putting cutting-edge project management methods into practice. For difficult building projects, we provide as a dependable source of knowledge-driven solutions. FLC Saudi is committed to the study of construction, keeping abreast of market developments, and looking ahead.Recently, FLC Saudi received numerous new road and infrastructure project awards, and we are now working on a number of other tendering projects. We employ nearly 800 people, have a firm book order of over $300 million, and have made wise investments in real estate, edifices, factories, and machinery. We are well-positioned to grow into one of Saudi Arabia, the region, and beyond’s leading road and infrastructure building firms. Every job we accomplish adds to our repertoire and legacy.